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Patient Guide

  • Appointment Process

    SpineMD at Healthpointe is a comprehensive location for spine care and pain management. Our goal is to determine the right treatment for you by avoiding surgery when possible. The patients with back or neck pain that require surgery, can be improved with our minimally invasive approach. We’ve made our appointment process as straightforward as possible.

    Our minimally invasive approach includes physical therapy, chiropractors, massages, acupuncture, etc. Making surgery one of the last options to treating your pain.

    We understand the healthcare process and know how inconvenient it can be to go from the doctor, to the physical therapist, and then the hospital. At Healthpointe, we’ve addressed that issue by offering all services in one remote location. We’ve made it convenient for our patients to get all the help and care they need in one visit. Get your second opinions, third opinions, and even fourth opinions in one visit. Ask our surgeons, ask our neurologists, ask our pain specialists, ask our physical therapists, ask our chiropractors, ask our acupuncture specialists; we have it all.

  • First Few Visits

    Your first few visits will consist of the consultation phase. During this visit, you will meet with our team of doctors to to identify the problems and pains you are experiencing. In conjunction with you visit, we will review your medical history and perform our own physical examination to determine your overall condition. Our specialist will listen to your problems and concerns, ultimately, you will be in control of deciding what is best to help you achieve the goal of being pain free. We’re here to offer all possible options and opinions for your treatment.
  • Tests and Diagnostics

    A diagnosis cannot simply be made with a history and a physical. Patients will likely need diagnostic tests for our doctors to know what conditions you have and exactly how to treat it. Some of these test are magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which will help our team fully visualize your spine to make a good diagnosis. Computed tomography scans (CT scans), and x-rays are also important in determining the state of your spine. Blood test and an EKG will be needed to get an overall picture of your health.

    Several consultations with our staff may be needed before we decide to move on to treatments. We want to determine the the right methods of treatment for each individual patient. For example, you have severe back pain, we will first have an initial consultation with our pain management doctor. You could also be suffering from psychological issues due to your pain, in which we will have you meet with our pain psychologist. The advantages we have are that all of our doctors are located in one remote location so that you spend less time driving around.

  • Procedures and Treatments

    Surgery is not the first step in the treatment process, if anything, it is one of the last steps. At Healthpointe, we prefer the minimally invasive approach to attempt to fix and heal your conditions without resorting to surgery.

    One of our treatment options is chiropractic treatment. In many cases of back pain and back injury, adjustments to the spine can help re-align it and reduce pain. Our chiropractors focus on physical therapy and exercises as methods of healing your back before resorting to surgery.

    Medication is a common treatment for back pain, and is often used and administered with physical therapy. Our in-house pain management doctor can help you find the right pain medication to ease your back pain. The different types of medications used in back pain management vary from anti-depressants to anti-seizure medications. All of these medications can be prescribed by our doctors.

    Finally, if all treatment options are unsatisfactory in easing your pain, surgery may be the only option. Our neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons are among the best in Southern California. When it comes to surgery, we are on the forefront of minimally invasive techniques and procedures. Our surgeons not only operate using these techniques, but they also teach at accredited Universities.

  • Payment Options

    Our offices accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. We are contracted with hundreds of insurance companies (PPO, HMO, POS, and Workers Compensation).
  • PPO Insurance

    All major PPO insurance plans accepted:

    Beech Street
    Blue Cross
    Blue Shield
    First Health
    Humana / Choice Care
    Tricare West
    United Healthcare


    Please call to verify.


    Personal Injury
    Workers Compensation

  • HMO Insurance

    SpineMD at Healthpointe accepts many HMO insurance plans. Please call to verify if we are contracted with your specific plan. HMO patients will need to have a referral in order to visit our offices. Our office staff will work for you in order to obtain all necessary documents and authorizations for your visit and surgery.
  • Workers Compensation

    SpineMD at Healthpointe is contracted with hundreds of Workers Compensation Providers (MPN). Please call our office to determine whether or not we are contracted with your MPN. An approval is needed from a case manager prior to your visit with one of our physicians.
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